SPIN UP motorized

SPIN UP by Motionitalia is an electric headrest/backrest that features a solid and durable structure. The mechanism is perfect to be inserted even in sofas with small footprint in order to fit the aesthetics of the finished product. The levers perform a translation of 100mm and a rotation at an angle of 43° creating the perfect conditions for correct cervical posture. SPIN UP is equipped with a safety return mechanism that locks if it encounters an obstacle, but at the same time allows it to return to the closing phase removed the impediment, all in total safety. SPIN UP reinforced motorized is the right product for all seats that have a gap greater than 630mm. Reinforced has the same features as the “standard” version, but the difference lies in the load capacity, which, from 15kg of the standard version, here it reaches 30kg.

Attachment SPIN UP motorized PE06120-XXX

Attachment SPIN UP reiforced motorized PE07495-XXX

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