Gufram in Motion: La Bocca è Mobile

Gufram and Motionitalia launch 'GUFRAM IN MOTION – La Bocca è Mobile' at Milan Design Week 2024, 15-21 April, at Palazzo Litta.

Milano Design Week

From Monday, April 15th to Sunday, April 21st, 2024
Palazzo Litta – Sala degli Specchi
Corso Magenta 24, Milan

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, a unique collaboration emerges between Gufram, the design brand with a radical and nonconformist identity, and Motionitalia, the leading Italian company in the design of relaxation mechanisms for armchairs and sofas aimed at creating maximum comfort. The result is GUFRAM IN MOTION – La Bocca è Mobile, a groundbreaking collaboration showcased from Monday, April 15, to Sunday, April 21, in the enchanting spaces of the Sala degli Specchi at Palazzo Litta within the 5VIE design district.

Thanks to an inexhaustible attitude towards experimentation and a constant orientation towards innovation, shared by the two Italian brands in different but related fields, the Bocca® sofa, a radical icon created by Studio65 in 1971 for Gufram, comes to life for the first time through the unique and cutting-edge technology of Motionitalia.

“The collaboration with Gufram is a challenge that makes us very happy,” says Maurizio Ravaioli,founder of Motionitalia. “As our history tells, we have an innate vocation that drives us to imagine beyond the possible, and we constantly nurture it through meticulous research and development. Being able to integrate our technology into an iconic piece of furniture like the Bocca® is a great satisfaction for us.”

The sinuous shapes of Bocca®, a domestic sculpture found in the collections of the most authoritative international museums, unexpectedly open into a wide smile and come together in a kiss, declaring once again the powerful life force of this object and its dreamlike, surreal identity.

Smiling and kissing, actions as simple as they are rich in meaning, expressions of positive emotions, joy, affection, and empathy, showcase, on one hand, the expertise and excellence of Motionitalia, a reference point for over twenty years in the furniture world for mechanisms capable of moving sofas and armchairs. On the other hand, they reflect the pop and unconventional spirit of Gufram, of which Bocca® is a manifesto.

“Our commitment with Gufram is to always keep its nonconformist spirit alive, and this project aligns perfectly with that,” continues Charley Vezza, Global Creative Orchestrator of the brand. “We have always envisioned the Bocca® as a living object, capable of moving, smiling, kissing. Thanks to Motionitalia, it can finally do so!”

In the 17th-century Sala degli Specchi, the new and surprising vitality of Bocca® will be accompanied by a performance specifically conceived for the project.

Ph. credits: Marco Antinori

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