Motionitalia’s PUSH HEAD electric headrest features a solid and durable structure, adapts easily to the design and ergonomics of the finished product; the levers rotate at a 45° angle and have a safety return mechanism that locks if it encounters an obstacle, but at the same time allows it to return to the closing phase removed the impediment, all in total safety. Ideal for correct posture, it provides cervical support and maximum comfort.

The version strong compared to the basic version, has levers that rotate at an angle of 40°.

PUSH HEAD slim has a solid, durable and more compact structure than the standard version.

The version slim strong Is the evolution of the PUSH HEAD headrest of the same name slim. Ideal for upholstered furniture characterized by large seats, PUSH HEAD slim strong is the right product to satisfy the most demanding customers. The levers make a movement with an angle of 45°, the stability in opening and closing movements and the safety system are just some of its features. In addition, the same safety mechanism, helps to facilitate the closure of the product by lightening the workload on the motor. Ideal for a correct posture, it guarantees cervical support and maximum comfort.


PUSH HEAD motorized PEPLIV06480
PUSH HEAD slim motorized PEPLIV06545
PUSH HEAD slim strong motorized PE07190
PUSH HEAD strong motorized PE06780-XXX

Additional information

Type of Movement:


Rotation angle:

180/220, 180/225


None, Slim, Strong, Slim Strong

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