The Motion Group

We produce large-scale mechanisms and components for major sofas and armchairs manufacturers from all over the world.







As a global leader, driving the transformation of the seating systems industry for more than 30 years, alongside the world’s largest manufacturers, we work every day and everywhere relentlessly striving to come up with products that help people feel better and live better in any situation.

Driven by the constant pursuit of excellence in every detail, combined with constant investment in research and development, new technologies, materials and processes, the Motion Group has earned its reputation as the world leader in the development of smart electronic mechanisms and components.

The Motion Group’s unique vision, inventiveness and dedication have ensured that seating systems for sofas, armchairs, convertible sofa beds and electric bed systems became a category of their own over the recent decades.

From designer furniture components to smart devices made to improve people’s posture, relaxation and mobility, the Group’s technologies have earned a prominent position among consumers as innovation and functionality combine to improve their well-being and quality of life.

Our business units

Since its creation in 1998, MotionItalia has been synonymous with design, research and innovation.
MotionItalia has now become the world’s leading brand of smart mechanics, relaxers, lifts and electronic components with a global presence and a distinctive ‘Made in Italy’ identity.
Founded in Forlì (Italy), where its headquarters are located, MotionItalia stands out for the attention given to its Research & Development division, which has become a model for all competing companies in the sector.

Since 2014, Steelflex has specialised in the production of valuable mechanisms for manufacturers of convertible sofas and armchairs, beds with electric movement to improve people’s comfort, posture and rest.
Thanks to its global presence and its efficient vertical in-house production chain, Steelflex offers state-of-the-art, structured and robust mechanisms, making it a leader in its field.

With more than 30 years’ experience, KeyMotion is a division specialising in the design and production of mechanical and electronic components designed for the home healthcare and hospital sectors.
Thanks to its technological and innovative solutions, over the years KeyMotion has developed specific products dedicated to aid and assistance, designed to meet each and every person’s different needs.

Through assiduous and continuous market research for excellent accessories and components for all types of seating, Independent is a leader in offering products and services in every Motion Group company, from home furniture to the hospital field, fully satisfying all the needs of their respective manufacturer customers.

Founded in 2010, Moving is a recognised global leader in electronic components manufacturing for the home furniture, medical-hospital, construction, and agricultural sectors.
Located in the world’s hub of home electronics and telecommunications, the company has a production facility of 47,000 square metres, making it the Group’s largest, most efficient and most technological facility.

Established as a Global Solutions Provider, it has qualified over time as a customer service, official parts dealer of the Motion Group and customised design of solutions through established designs to speed up and improve the quality of the finished product to better satisfy the Direct-to-Consumer side.
Since every customer is unique, Mister Service aims to offer a highly customised service, working alongside designers and manufacturers to realise their every need, thus facilitating the process in every division of the Motion Group.